Friday, September 22, 2006


I am SO happy a woman like you EXISTS, and not only in a fairy tale

Here are some comments of support for Sibel after the first screening of Kill The Messenger in France. Translations mostly by babelfish and me, some in original - (some residual local flavour intentional)

(Updated below)
Sibel, my dear!

The day has arrived,
Very far from the doubts and the fears,
Where the light appears as clear as day,
Where loneliness fights the hunters.

The eagle struggles as it can,
the doors are closed, the hands tied,
It is necessary that we help you a little,
My France sends unexpected thoughts to you.

I would like to assure you I have hope in your fight,
do not bend, when you doubt,
because that will arrive to you, think of France, its history.

And trust that we are talking about your fight.
I just saw your story on Canal+ (french TV channel) and I was very shocked.

I always loved our system of freedom and democracy, but the last years people are losing control in front of "mondialisation"...

It seems everybody is looking only their own interest and are afraid to move or say something that could be "against" their own interest.

I am SO happy a woman like you EXISTS, and not only in a fairy tale...!

You gave me (and surely everybody who learned about your fight) a real HOPE on what the world is going to become. Without people like you all the planet would turn back to a BIG worldwide monocracy named "money and power".

I am not utopist and I know very well "cupidity" will always exist, but it will have to fight against "honesty", "human rights", "truth" and all others virtues that also exist in all human beings.

Again thank you for all these people in America you are helping, but also for all of us just "watching" without being able to say or do anything else than pray and hope these people to be caught and punished.

I really think everybody thinks it was just "IMPOSSIBLE" to happen without any sign, information or help in USA.
My English is very poor but i just want to say one thing to your association : Go on ! Don't give up !
I saw yesterday night a "movie" on Canal + who talk about the story of Sibel Edmonds and i am so impressive by her courage !

I just saw your message on french télévision.
Thanks for your work.
Keep courage as you show us.
Sorry for my very poor english.
But we love you and we hope that you will win.

Good luck.


Last week on French TV, I saw documentary on the attack of the 9/11. It demonstrated stated that Americains need to look more closely about the event. And then, yesterday evening a report on you "MADAM" - so I send this mall to you to give my support in this quest. I am neither pro nor anti americains because we French have no reason to envy you. If one day you will desire to come to France to find a little quietude and of calms, we would be my happy wife and me to acceuillir you on our premises.


I am French (of no importance) and Christian (proud to be it), I have just seen a report on the tele about one SIBEL EDMONDS. I wanted to simply to say her thank you for existing, and to have defended these convictions.

I am personally of all love with it.

thank you very much for posting this Lukery
God bless the French
Love, Palo Verde (aka AZ Poppy)
i thought you might like these palo :-)

I've got some more to put up later - and we are also getting some more reviews from France this week. They all seem really positive
great news, Lukery
whatever you post here
I will post at Liberty Post
(that forum has so many lurkers, it will be read by many)
Love, Palo

I am not able to figure out how to log in
I am Palo Verde aka AZPoppy
i cant get an account at LP either!
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