Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Kill The Messenger: The Sibel Edmonds Story

This blog is focused on the new documentary about Sibel Edmonds called Kill The Messenger. The premiere for documentary is Sep 19 in France and Belgium, with other countries to follow.

Sibel has established a site for Kill the Messenger where you can view the movie trailer, download the brochure, read an interview that I did with Mathieu Verboud, one of the directors, and even take a quick quiz by Mike Mejia, testing your knowledge about Sibel's case.

This an open thread to discuss.

The new US "special envoy" to the Ankara regime, Joseph W. Ralston, the one who is supposed to coordinate US/Turkish efforts to destroy the Kurdish freedom movement in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, is involved with those mentioned by Sibel Edmonds in her allegations.

Check out The Cohen Group, for starters
thnx Mizgîn.

everyone - check out Mizgîn's latest post on Ralston
Thanks Luke! You don't know how long I've waited for a Sibel only blog. We finally have it, don't we?

Any chance we'll get an appearance by Damien, Simon, Noise and the rest?
miguel - lol - here it is. do you want the keys?
When will this be advertised/marketed in the U.S.!??!? This is perhaps one of the most important yet least talked about stories of the last 5 years. Sibel, America needs more Patriots like you!!
we're trying to get pressure on the cable companies - go over to YouTube and rate it and send it to all your friends - that'll help :-)

Thank you for making this happen.

I just finished viewing the trailer.

I must say I'm very proud of Sibel for sticking to her convictions.

Another reason I'm proud of Sibel is because she's a naturalized citizen. All American citizens should learn a lesson from Sibel.

A question I have is does Sibel have bodyguards?

You know how our government deals with whistleblowers.

A car accident, a suicide, a plane crash.

Troubled Texan
Troubled Texan - Sibel does indeed rock.

Let's hope she stays safe. I don't know the details of her security - although she used to have a couple of FBI guys hanging round who she used to call her bodyguards ;-)
A couple of other good places to apply pressure on is Link TV and Free Speech TV, two satellite channels, the first on both satellite services and the latter on Dish Network. They are also on in a number of local cable offerings too in some places.

Don't know if either of them have enough money for this, being non-profits, but perhaps if each of you say you'll donate money if they do air it, they'll get the message that this might be a blockbuster show for them.

Link TV contact page link:

Free Speech TV contact page link:

And if you send them snail mail, get some postage pals to put on the envelopes too to emphasize the point.


I hope the title of the film doesn't tempt fate too much too!
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