Thursday, September 28, 2006


Le Monde review

Sibel has posted two new reviews - Le Canard (pdf) and Le Monde (pdf) - both in French.

The Le Monde article, translated by me & the machine:
The history of Sibel Edmonds could be used to make a John Grisham 'whodunnit.' A few days after the attacks of September 11, the young woman of Turkish extraction is recruited by the FBI. She is in charge of the translation of the phone-tappings, the interrogations and the documents within the framework of the antiterrorist fight. Sibel Edmonds speaks Persian, Farsi and Azeri.

In December of the same year, she is contacted by a colleague from the FBI who tries to recruit her for the account of a mysterious Turkish lobbying organization. By denouncing this manifest case of espionage and by revealing that the FBI hides information over September 11, Sibel Edmonds found herself at the heart of the incredible business of State.

After the Children of Tranquility Bay, a beautiful documentary on the American camps of behavior modification, the film-makers Mathieu Verboud and Jean-Robert Viallet have made a film full with suspense and revelations about these men and these women - the "whistleblower" ("those which give a whistle") - which denounce the dysfunctions of an organization or an administration. An attractive diving (?), sometimes a little difficult, in the mysteries of the reason of State in America.
errors are mine.

'The history of Sibel Edmonds could be used to make a John Grisham 'whodunnit.'

This is a positive sign. It means the film is complelling. And to most viewers the identity of the 'killers', Denny Hastert, Perle, Feith and Grossman- will be part of a 'surprise ending'.

To us, of course, the ending has been spoiled. We know who the culprits our.

Still, I hope for a few surprises...
all of the reviews seem compelling - and the directors appear to have a great reputation for solid work.

good news, all in all.
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