Thursday, September 21, 2006


Nuclear Black Market

In terms of the nuclear black market, in January, Sibel sent me three articles and added some emphasis to certain elements. The links below go to my reposting of the articles, and include Sibel's emphasis.

The first article is "Case Reveals Nuts and Bolts of Nuclear Network, Officials Say" by Josh Myer at the LATimes in May 2004. (link)

Judging by Sibel's emphasis:
Key People: Zeki Bilmen
Key Countries: Middle East, United State, 'global list', Turkey, UAE, Spain (?)
Key Issues: "Nuclear Black Market"
Key Companies: Giza Technologies

The second article: "Turkish businessman denies nuclear goods claim" by STEPHEN FIDLER June 11, 04, FT (link)

Judging by Sibel's emphasis:
Key People: Selim Alguadis, Zeki Bilmen
Key Countries: Libya, UAE, Turkey
Key Issues: "Pakistani-led clandestine network", "equipment, including centrifuge motors and frequency converters", "money laundering"
Key Companies: EKA

Article 3: "U.S. Firm Said Among Nuclear Black Market" by GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press
Posted on Fri, Jul. 09, 2004 (link)
Emphasis: Saudi Arabia

Also, there 's a PDF here called "Illicit Trafficking in the Southern Tier and Turkey since 1999: A Shift from Europe?" which looks at the apparent trade routes for smuggling nuclear and other radioactive material in the Caucausus, Turkey and Central Asia.

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