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* the trailer for ktm is "#37 - Top Favorites (This Week) - News & Blogs" at youtube - go watch it again, and rate it - comment, send it to your friends. the more interest there is in this film, the more likely we will be able to get a national release.

Something just occurred to me. Maybe I'm a little dense to not think of this is before . But if Director Mathieu is correct, and several of his sources hypothesize that Sibel heard Grossman on wiretaps tipping off the Turks about Brewster, Jennings, then the right-wingers will have been right on the CIA Leak case in at least one respect: the Brewster, Jennings "cover" had already been blown open by 2003, before the chain of events that began with Wilson's Oped.

Think about it: if the Turks knew BJ was a CIA front, then undoubtedly the entire underground network of arms dealers were clued in shortly thereafter (I doubt the Turks could be trusted to keep a secret). Thus, the "damage" to National Security caused by the Armitage/Hadley/Rove/Libby leak was minimal; although the damage to Plame's career was extensive.

That doesn't mean that the above Neocons and political hacks aren't worth sending to jail: but it may be that we have to concede at least one point to the right-wing.
One more thing. In her oped from May, 2005, entitled "Gagged but Not Dead", Sibel accuses the State Department of a "blunder of mammoth proportions".

I always thought she was talking about State's/Grossman's blocking of investigations of Turkey's pre-9/11 al Qaeda connections.

But she could also be referring to Grossman's "leak" of the BJ identity.

Of course, it's just speculation, but something to ponder.
Miguel - that certainly is a part of the mystery.

Assuming they were tipped off that they were being watched, what did they do next?

It's hard to imagine how that played out.

The FBI knew that BJ's cover had been blown, yet they still kept using BJ? Odd.
Hi Miguel, Hi Lukery
I am still trying to figure out how to leave comments here
since I am not a blogger
I think this movie is a big development
It will change the dynamic and add a lot more energy and momentum
And I am blessing the French for doing it!

Lukery, I am happy to meet you
I have posted your articles on Sbiel Edmonds on Liberty Post going back several months now -- each time I was informed about one on email

Thank you for everything you have done for Sibel, you have done it for all of us
Love, Palo

palo verde aka AZ Poppy
palo verde. lovely to meet you to. thanks for all your efforts promoting Sibel's case.

Hopefully the momentum will continue to build when we actually see the movie! It won't be long till it's shown here in Australia :-)
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