Monday, January 08, 2007


Gravy Train

I have a new post up at my main blog called "Sibel Edmonds & the Neocons' Turkish Gravy-Train"

One point I am not clear on is what is al Qaeda's exact role in the heroin trade? For example, are we talking about Bin Laden using his financial and marketing genius and imparting this to the various players for cash? Or are we talking- as Ellsberg did about al Qaeda 'taxing' heroin as it passes through their lands. I actually found that claim of Ellsberg interesting because I would have thought there would be some tension between the Taliban and Bin Laden if Osama were to be cutting in too much on Mullah Omar's action.

Arrgggh, there is so much we don't know!
miguel - sorry for the delay.

i don't know the answer - although I suspect that it lies in the definition of 'al qaeda'

it wouldn't surprise me if the processing, storage, financing and distribution to and from Turkey is conducted by 'al qaeda'
I know what the definition of 'al qaeda' is.

It's whoever Bush decides on any given day who he's going to call 'al qaeda'.
lol - nope - you are unfair. remember that they always use 'al qaeda and it's affiliates' or 'al qaeda and related orgs'
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