Saturday, February 24, 2007

YouTube has pulled Ed Bradley's 60 Minutes piece on Sibel "due to terms of use violation."

Does anyone have a copy? I'd like to re-post some snippets from the segment.

UPDATE: I have the piece. thnx.

Could you post the segment please? We're eager to watch it?
give me a day or two.

i need to learn how to use the video editor thingy!
No problem...Thanks.
i probably wont be uploading the whole thing - b/c youtube will presumably pull it all down again.

You can get the whole thing here
(it's 300mg.)
Thank you for the link lukery. I have another question please: Do you know where I can watch the French documentary made about Sibel: "Kill the Messenger" (Une Femme a Abattre)?
it isn't available commercially yet.

i'll publish the details here as soon as I learn anything (and i'll be among the first to know)
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