Sunday, January 13, 2008


Statement from Mathieu Verboud

Here is a statement from Mathieu Verboud, French co-director of Kill The Messenger, regarding last week's blockbuster front page Sunday Times article about the nuclear black market element of Sibel's case.

I am very happy that Sibel has come forward like this, with this superb Sunday Times article. I believe this article to have utmost credibility and I also think that she has gone as far as she could humanly go. Now the spitting Naja should run for cover for a while...

There are new elements in the article that are of particular importance, because they show beyond reasonable doubt that a system was at work. Does this ring any bell with the U.S mainstream media, or with the Democratic Congress? We'll see. One sometimes wonders if they even comprehend that what Sibel witnessed was something "systemic," not just one-shots. And the answer is 'of course they understand.' That's why they keep silent.

Silent, but in the face of what? Here we have a hostile foreign group operating in the U.S with agents/moles inside the system, meaning Americans (not foreigners), Americans with positions at the very top of the administration. FBI wiretaps show that the system is well-designed, with specific tasks for each member: for example the "U.S State Department official" was to provide for moles, and to provide for help when needed. The wiretaps also monitor every step of the way of the progress made by these hostile people.... FBI wiretaps show that the head of the Pakistani side of the operation was no other than General Mahmoud Ahmad, then the ISI chief. Quote from the article:
" (...) Intercepted communications showed Ahmad and his colleagues stationed in Washington were in constant contact with attach├ęs in the Turkish embassy."
General Mahmood Ahmad? This name in itself should trigger the investigation of the millenium. Who is he? Nothing but a major key to a full understanding of 9.11. Let's read about him on the Co-operative Research website.

Ahmed's connection with Mohamed Atta is well-known (fully documented? It's probably another story). His connection with Islamists is well-known.

This ISI general, who started defining himself as a "born again Muslim" at the end of the 90's, is also famous for his whereabouts on September 11, 2001. That day, he had official meetings in Washington with three U.S Congressmen, then-CIA chief George Tenet, and, most importantly, also with a State Department official, whose name is no other than Marc Grossman, I guess the very same "U.S State Department official" that Sibel named to the Sunday Times but whose name the journal decided not to publish. The very same Marc Grossman who, after a short stint as a diplomat in Pakistan in the late 70's (he was there at the time when general Zia had Benazir Bhutto's father hanged) became U.S ambassador to Turkey in the 1990's. And those who know Sibel's cause know how strategic it is for a "U.S State Department official" to have such a position in Turkey.

The press can, reasonably, say they have no proof (a good excuse for not going at it, but anyway)... Things should be different with the Congress and the Justice System though...

Let's not forget that they have recently opened highly-sensitive investigations on high-profile cases, cases that overlaps pretty heavily with Sibel's case! I mean the Office of Special Plans case (this Pentagon group, now known for its role in the run up to the war in Iraq, a place filled with extreme-right wing neocons know for their links with Israeli, Turkish and now Pakistani interests) and I also mean the Larry Franklin case (the Sunday Times article connects this case to Sibel's quite convincingly). So... I believe what's already here should be more than enough for Congress to start opening or widening its investigations.

Of course, most of the story exposed in the Sunday Times article is told in our film, Kill The Messenger, and I am proud that we were correct at the time. The article has elements that we also had back at the time of filming in 2005-2006 (like the fascinating PhD students trick)... but could not include, for practical reasons. I am glad to see Sibel herself filling in these gaps herself, so bravely, as always.

The picture is clear, the pattern is clear. Yet, if people in the U.S or elsewhere don't feel concerned that prominent neocons and other top U.S officials (most with a strong Israeli slant) engage in nuclear black market and drug dealings with Turkish & Pakistani officials (most with an Islamist slant), well then Stanley Kubrick did his "Doctor Strangelove" for nothing!

... But isn't the full name of Kubrick's film "Doctor Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb"?

Thanks Mathieu.


where can we get a copy of the documentary in english or in french with sub-titles?
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